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ArtVeda is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization, which works for the promotion of cultural life in Tunisia and for a dialogue beyond borders. A meeting between artists, cultural managers and activists engaged in the cultural field since 2016, took place around the founder of the association Ahmed Mourad Khanfir.

Artveda has since been involved in artistic production, the organization of creative workshops in favor of marginalized groups (children without family support, LGBTQI community, etc.), but also in hosting artists at risk into residency. Artveda is in partnership with Artist At Risk funded by Creative Europe and the Institute of International Education (IIE).


What We Offer


We hosted two artists at risk in Tunisian residency, with the support of ArtistatRisk and the Institute of International Education. For us, it..


Through the artistic production program, we support innovative projects, or works carried by artists who cannot find opportunities in the production classical circuits...


The workshops are bridges between the artists and the beneficiaries. They often make it possible to share the pleasure of discovering a skill with a..


Press_book would give a better understanding of our work through Interviews/TV , Interviews Radio, Articles/newspapers and magazines. The articles are kept in original writing language.


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