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Our principals:

The Art is a force for change

The dynamics generated by art, in particular by the creation of spaces open intellectually, spiritually and scientifically, through a path that unites, educates, nourishes, heals and resists, is a force working for constructive societal change.

The non-discrimination

Culture and Art are human rights without any discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, sex, nationality, skin color, language, social origins, or disabilities.

The Solidarity

Solidarity with artists inside and outside the country, especially with artists at risk in relation to their artistic expression, is a form of preservation of freedom of expression in its diversity. We also believe that Tunisia could be a haven for these artists.

The Freedom

Art is a free exercise space. It is carried out only outside of ideological, religious, political, economic, and social pressures.

The Diversity

Diversity stimulates creativity, is a source of wealth and protects from confinement

Our objectives:

  • Strengthen the research and development of innovative art forms as well as trans-disciplinary
  • Encourage artistic expressions with therapeutic, social and educational impact
  • Tackling all forms of discrimination and strengthening equal opportunities and access to the arts and culture for all
  • Mobilizing a network of solidarity
  • To combat the precariousness and persecution of threatened artists inside and outside the country.
  • Supporting the freedom of expression and the freedom of creation for artists and cultural actors
  • Strengthen collaboration with art critics and alternative media that are the seat-belt of creative freedom
  • Strengthen balanced cultural exchanges to promote inter-culturalism in the spirit of enriching human global capital
  • Strengthen research on local cultural diversity and enhance it


17 October 2020