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Rémi Sarmini is a Syrian theatre director, actor, educator and founder of the theatre collective Tajroubeh Troupe.

Rémi graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art in Damascus in 2014. In the following years he continued to work as the director of Tajroubeh Troupe in Syria.

Rémi wrote and directed the play “First Class الدرجة الأولى”, which premiered in 2019 in Tunisia and is based on his own experiences. It circles around three people waiting at an airport to travel to a safe country, and explores social and global topics, such as boundaries and discrimination, and the emotional state of waiting. Of his artistic practice, Rémi says “Theatre empowers and allows me to freely express myself and to deliver my experience in this world”.

Sarmini will be working on a new theatre project called Rémi sans famille (Rémi without family) during his residency at AR-Tunis. Based on the French novel Sans Famille written by Hector Malot in 1878, this semi-autobiographical play will tell the story of a boy named Rémi who has grown up without his family and travelled from country to country searching for them. Sarmini hopes to arrange a European tour for Rémi sans famille to share his message on an international stage.

This Play is produced by Culture Resource

Remi Sarmini has been awarded an Institute of International Education Artist Protection Fund Fellowship and is in residence at Art Veda

14 December 2016