First CLass

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The transit or the wait isn’t concerned with the time or place, rather with our emotional state in waiting: The wait for salvation, return, hope, love and our cleansing
as individuals and as a group. Everywhere in the world we are in state of waiting, which impacts our individual state by waiting for the unknown.
“First Class” is not only a theatrical script but a product of workshops and hypotheses. It revolves around three people waiting in one of the world’s airports to travel to salvation. Nationality and language don’t matter, rather spiritual cleansing of a person going through the waiting process. That’s why we don’t rely only on spoken language but also body language as a result of this pressure we are going through now: the wait for the unknown. Here we depend on Cruelty Theater because we need to end this nightmare that we have created ourselves to salvage ourselves, cleanse ourselves and vent to end this devastating wait.
We are all in the waiting process. We wait and nothing changes! Why do we wait? Why don’t we change? Why do we stay silent? Why do we have this violent repression within us? Why don’t we face it? Why can’t we make a decision by ourselves without anyone controlling us? All these questions are raised in the play.
Everyone waits but there are three people who want to face the wait. However, everyone’s wait time depends on each persona and the circumstances and place from which they come, but the wait remains the most important aspect.

3 February 2021