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Artist and Cultural activist.He was born 4 Jun1982in Sfax, Tunisia.He grew up in alargefamily of 4children. His father and most of his relatives worked for the National Railway Company. And his grandfather from his mother’s side was a music compositor,and teacher.From an early age, he had a background in engineering and art, and eventually he never stopped learning and improving in both fields.However, as a youngster, he wasmore interested in art passionately and ambitiously.After high school, he started to study graphic design and soon as he graduated, joined Appolonia Edition and started his professional journey. Within 3 years, Ahmed moved to El Mouradi Hotel series to occupy the Artistic Director position.

The young artist, inspired by his family’s stories and legacy with the Railway Company, decided to deviate, and become a train conductor. Asa side occupation, that became a second world for him, he established ArtVeda, an NGO for cultural and artistic projects, and from the paradoxical worlds he lives, inspirations came manifested in a brilliant acting talent.Polishing his skill, Ahmed had his first role as an actor in 2012, playing in a short movie with the French director Paolo Can. He also played in many commercials and short films.Ahmed Khanfir was passionate and interested in movies direction and all cinema processes, hence, he looked for a long play where he can show both his acting talent, movie direction, and his daily life as a train conductor. And eventually, he had assisted his childhood friend ErigeEshiri, in directing a long documentary about the Railways Company, the train conductors, and Ahmed’s life in particular, which lasted for 5 consecutive years 2012-2017.The documentary titled “La voie normal” was a success, winning several international awards, and for Ahmed to be the main character, he has risen in popularity, and gained connections and experience as well.Back to his associative work in ArtVeda, Ahmed was hosting a group of Syrian artists, and his association managed the logistics and sponsorship for them to make a theatrical performance which he was part of it, as an Actor, but on the wooden stage this time.The play was about borders, regional discrimination, and global citizenship, which are all matters that interest Ahmed and touch him personally. With his passion to travel, and learning about different cultures, against therejection and the obstacles he suffered from, a genuine peace of art happen to manifest. And again, the Syrian-Tunisian theatrical show was a big success.